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CleanOil Kit


A complete and versatile cleaning solution for industrial equipment damaged by dust and oil stains.



The kit contains a 1 litre can of CleanOil Concentrate, 1 spray bottle and 1 heavy duty scrub. The handy retail packages are a convenient and cost-effective domestic replacement to bulky international industrial cleaners. 1 litre of CleanOil concentrate can make up to 21 litres of cleaning liquid, sufficient for a year’s cleaning for a mid-sized machine. The rapid action of emulsifiers and oil and water soluble detergents offer optimum results on a range of surfaces against tough stains and residues. The innovative packaging allows you to perfectly measure the amount of concentrate to be used for a litre of diluted solution. The spray bottle is convenient for creating the desired solution and ensures ease of use. A heavy duty scrub is provided for tougher stains, which ensures spotless cleaning without damage to the machinery.