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Here are some selected reviews from real life customers. Signed letters from business customers on their respective letterheads are held at our office.

Finally, a machine cleaning product that really works as advertised! I’m extremely happy with CleanOil’s performance. Our machines look brand new!

~ Amar Vaidya

Teknocrats Control Systems Pvt Ltd

We have been using CleanOil for Jishu Hozen and 5S activities in TPM. Each of our machines are equipped with a Cleanoil Kit for cleaning. Truly valuable product for machine shop.

~ Prratek Chakrranarayen

Prasa Tools Pvt Ltd

These are the benefits we observed after using Cleanoil since 1 month: Easy to use, no odour, safe, excellent cleaning.

~ Aniket Sawji

Partner, Sunbeam Industries

I have been using Cleanoil for last 3 months and I strongly recommend CleanOil for CNC machine exterior cleaning. Value for money product.

~ Shekhar Bramhankar

Executive Director, Electro Crimp Contacts Pvt Ltd

Rating 5/5 for excellent product performance, availability & delivery. I strongly recommend Cleanoil!

~ Tushar Jinturkar

Tushar Precicomp Pvt Ltd

I use Cleanoil in the beginning of every work shift to clean the machine. It is easy to use and removes oil stains quickly. Good volume at a reasonable price. Value for money.

~ Anshuman Tambe

Managing Director, Heimatec India Pvt Ltd

Keeping the machines clean and spot free was always a priority and a challenge during audits. Cleanoil helped us to remove difficult to remove oil stains and to keep the machines clean.

~ Deepak Marathe

Partner, Vidyut Udyog

CleanOil helped us to boost the morale of our operators since nobody likes to work on dirty machines. We use it daily.

~ Ajit Kulkarni

Managing Director, Powerinst Electromagnets Pvt Ltd

Happy with the Performance of CleanOil. Mix, spray and wipe. The product comes with an innovative bottle of concentrate (so you get the right concentration everytime), a spray bottle and scrubbers. It is a must have for any CNC shop.

~ Nilesh Prabhakar Kankrej

Partner, Microtech Tools Pvt Ltd