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Across manufacturing sectors, machinery being damaged by cutting oil and dust is a common concern. Owing to the bulk packaging and increased cost of imported industrial cleaners, industries turn to domestic cleaners or alternative liquids like kerosene and petrol. However, other than being ineffective on aggressive oil stains, these also damage the performance and life of the machine.

From the perspective of the total productive maintenance of an industry, the lack of a quality, effective machine cleaning solution can hamper the efficiency of systems, affect a healthy working environment and grossly reduce the value and life of machines. CleanOil was developed as a structural solution to this problem.


  • CleanOil has been thoroughly researched and developed with a team of engineers with decades of industrial experience.
  • It is a concentrated, highly dilutable solution that efficiently combats oil stains on metal surfaces by rapidly emulsifying tough oil build-ups.
  • CleanOil is a human and environment-friendly solution, free from solvents and hazardous elements like Sodium Hydroxide and Butyl.
  • With a 1:10 concentrate to water ratio, CleanOil is the most cost-effective industrial oil stain remover in the market.

Difference after just one application of CleanOil!

We manufacture precision machined components like fuel injection parts and subassemblies for major OEMs and MNCs. We need to maintain the highest quality standards, and a clean machine shop to be able to supply clean parts to our customers. CleanOil is a machine cleaning product that actually works as advertised! We use it to keep our machines, inspection equipment and shop spotlessly clean.

Nitesh E Narayanan

CEO, Nitesh Udyog


  • CleanOil is a much more effective, specialized and profitable alternative to domestic stain removers.
  • The 1000ml liquid concentrate retail packaging makes it an affordable and smart choice for industries.
  • The CleanOil Kit is a complete, ready-to-use cleaner kit comprising of a liquid concentrate bottle, a spray bottle and heavy duty scrubs.
  • The innovative packaging used ensures correct dilution of the product and ease of use.
  • Our efficient system guarantees quick delivery and product support for our customers.
  • A single kit of CleanOil is enough to clean and maintain a mid-sized CNC machine for an entire year!



CleanOil is a potent formula developed for metal surfaces, although it is useful for other hard surfaces as well. It produces excellent results both, as an individual sump and a central system cleaning product. Follow instructions on the pack for optimum results. CleanOil serves many cleaning functions across a range of industries like Manufacturing, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Pharma, Dye & Mould, and so on. Some example applications of CleanOil are listed below.

  • Machine sump cleaner
  • High pressure cleaning equipment
  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • High temperature applications
  • High agitation systems
  • Automated floor cleaning equipment